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Athletics Tanzania (AT) has embarked on promotion of the athletics through a close partnership with UMISETA.

He said AT has observed that the country has many athletics talents but they are not exposed and taped as a result of the existing poor relationship with UMISETA.

He said working with UMISETA has been a long dream by his association in a move to search and develop talents which are scattered throughout the country.

He believes the wide network of UMISETA will play a pivotal role in guiding his association to scout then develop athletes from the grassroots level.

“We have cast the net wider to tap many young athletes; working with UMISETA has many advantages. UMISETA officials have been closely monitoring the progress of sporting activities at secondary schools across the country,” he said.

The AT official said they have to work on recommendations by UMISETA officials before taking responsibility to train the talented athletes and organize special tournament to groom them into booming career.

However, Nyambui said due to financial and resources challenges it will be very difficult for AT to train and maintain the young athletes.

He urged the government, companies and organisations to help his association in hosting domestic tournaments, seminars for coaches and administrators and also athletes to compete at international events.

“This is a very ambitious plan aimed at promoting athletics in the country but my plea to companies, organizations and indeed the Government is to help us with funds,” he said.

Nyambui said most of the athletes in the country lack support and happen to pullout of international events thus missing exposure, experience and competitive matches.
The AT official’s call has come in a wake of widespread criticism with regard to dismal performance of athletes in the ongoing Olympics as medal hopes are hanging by loose thread.

Tanzania is still dreaming of a medal from the Olympics amid frequent failures since 1980 when he and Filbert Bayi excelled at the Moscow Olympics.

The UMISETA games have always been there for decades and it comes as surprise for the AT to take such an overdue decision wake up at this time.


Written by Israel Saria

For the last 20 years I have been working as a football pundit. This experience has provided me with a very useful insight into football and the opportunity to carry out extensive research into the game including its players, the stadiums, the rules and tactics and I have also been grateful to meet a wide range of people connected to football in the UK, Tanzania, Germany .....

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