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We would like to hear your views about sports development in Tanzania, for instance the way the Government supports sports development or your views about the national sports council’s involvement in sports development. Or the way in which regional sports association carry out activities to identify sports talent and pass information up to the national level or what do you think about the Tanzanian Olympic Committee (TOC) and whether they are doing enough to prepare athletes for the next Olympics? I would like to hear your views. Together we can help to improve the participation of Tanzanians in the international sports arena by discussing issues together through the Tanzania sports website.

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We are always looking for fresh writers and contributors that love sports as much as we do, whether you are a journalist by profession or you just like to follow sport and know more than most when it comes to your favourite club or sport. We would love to hear from you and discuss opportunities at Tanzania Sports one of the fastest growing Swahili sports websites.

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